Boldness Is The Pathway Of Greatness


It is not when you react timid and hesitant to obstacles that you will find greatness in you. It is not when you wish life were easier for you that you be forming your character; your strength and fortitude will not be shaped through average days and sameness. It doesn’t matter how talented, skilled, and hard-working you are, unless you dare to step out of your comfort zone you will not find your real potential. Surviving mode is for the mediocre, average mind that only wishes to live free of responsibilities and hardships, afraid of adversity and challenges, happy to lay low and vow to others. The average mind requires a lot of energy to endure a lifetime full of disappointments, broken dreams, unfinished projects, overcome by fear, and most of all, regrets. Don’t wish life was easier, instead, become the best version of yourself so when things get tough, you will have the confidence and fortitude to meet your challenges. Be brave and defiant when life beats you down; the harder you are hit, the stronger you will become if you take the opportunity. The more consistently you are punished, the faster you will develop tenacity and persistence; the deeper the wound, the biggest your threshold of pain.