Change or Keep Suffering

If things are not going well and you keep trying nothing simply because the new thing sounds phony for you, then your last and only option is to learn to enjoy being mediocre and miserable, because your superior mindset (that has gotten you to where you are right now) has decided that it’s worthless to try that “new” thing. If you don’t have a mind open to trying new things, you will be closing a lot of opportunities to grow, you will be unconsciously responding to your pre-established mind programming formed by beliefs you carry around in your subconscious mind.

If you are the type of person that just rolls your eyes when you first hear words like mindset, mental toughness, or spirituality, then please explain to me why world-class performers in every field use mental rehearsing, visualization, meditation, yoga, and other psychology tools to improve their lives, and performances, and don’t forget that we’re talking about Olympian athletes, billionaires, and Navy seals among many others.

Improving your life is a lot easier (and wiser) with an open mind. What have you got to lose? Your life already sucks so, the worst that can happen is that it’ll just stay the same. So, get over yourself and try something new, but you’ve got to remember this, if you try the new things with an “I know it’s not going to work but I’ll still try it” attitude, is like being a salesman with the “you don’t need one of these would you?” approach. You’d be destined to fail, not because the new product or technique doesn’t work, but because you’re more into proving that your miserable mindset is right and justifiable than really giving it a shot at something that could only help you.

Don’t forget that you’re already where you don’t want to be, don’t adopt the mentality of the guy that tries to justify his mediocrity blaming the world, or someone else, or the circumstances, don’t join the club of those that live happily being unhappy. Some people say that they want to change, but deep inside they rather not because living mediocre gives them at least certainty, there’s no risk of change or the threat of the unknown, and they rather stand on solid ground of the average man, than take the chance to improve but feeling uncertain of the outcome. Once they got used to their misery, they rather stay rock bottom, than being hopeful and vulnerable with a chance to improve.