Be willing to get knocked down and get up for more. Face your worst fears; time will come when you will be able to handle your fears and doubts when after many failures, you will be battle scarred and the wounds and the pain will not scare you anymore. Time will come when all the pain and fear met with determination, resilience, and willpower will pay you back. If you are looking for greatness, your faith must outgrow your fears. Form a powerful personality, develop a strong presence, create reliable self-control, improve your self-communication, and build strong self-esteem. You must build a mentality that remains unaffected by any external influence; a mindset that will not allow external factors to impact it or change your beliefs.

You must learn to blindly believe in your powerful and confident self-image. Develop self-control to keep a centered mind when you fail miserably, because it is going to happen, and it will happen consistently. You must establish deep-rooted principles to help you create a committed and emotionally balanced vision of yourself. It is not only your duty but also a requirement and an obligation to develop a powerful mental image of yourself. Your life scars will fade but your resilience, determination and self-control will never stop being tested. It is up to you if you want to sit and whine, cry and curse the world for all the misfortunes that happen to you; if you choose to be weak and unresponsive, you better get used to living a long life of misery and unhappiness. If you don't have the nerve to go into unexplored territory, you will live the rest of your life questioning yourself how far you could have gone. Rise to the challenges of life, dominate your mind, control your emotions; don’t be a slave to your feelings, it is you who decide what you are going to do when the going gets tough.