Developing Your Supreme Self

Envision yourself as an individual with an extraordinary and unique presence; repeat the formula daily, for months, over and over until you convince yourself this is who you really are. Dare to act, behave, respond, think, walk and talk as a leader of men. Commit to re-frame your mind, see yourself performing in the most powerful, confident, charismatic, and determined way in any aspect of your life. Become the most impressive version of yourself when talking to people, making them feel your self-assured presence. Picture yourself at work, being polite, helpful, and appealing. Create a mental image of yourself interacting with people, anytime and anywhere, and let them feel your magnetic and charming presence. Let your strong personality show and display your daring and confident attitude.

Take very good care of your personal hygiene, be cut and clean. Allow others to witness your individuality and the rarity of your type of personality and attitude. Let them see that you are no ordinary man and that you don’t settle for little; show that you are an educated individual with supreme self-control, a man that relies on nobody else but himself for approval, a man that seeks no validation.

Though it adds impact to your presence, do not rely on dressing up to stand out. You don’t need to raise your voice for people to hear you, you don’t need to step unto others to earn anything. Be excellent at what you do, because you believe in going the extra mile to develop yourself, not to earn more or gain anybody’s trust or respect, but to become the highest expression of yourself. You know that it is not what you do what gives you high status, or how much you make, or who you know, it is what you do for others that does. Show your value, first class behavior, world-class mentality, and your captivating, appealing, and fascinating persona to every person that crosses paths with you, be it the CEO of a company, or the cashier at the supermarket.

See yourself as a world-class individual that creates a strong and attractive impression on others, see yourself succeeding in any field, showing your talents and skills as well as your commitment and determination to any projects you might have in hand. Do not look for validation or approval from anyone, put no halo on man or woman regardless of status or appearance. Don't look for high status, your integrity and values have already shown it. You are NOT the kind of person that feels intimidated or overwhelmed in the presence of beauty, money or fame. Picture yourself achieving great performances in any field and coming through any failures or mishaps. Claim your individuality since you are rare and one of a kind, but always remember to be humble and respectful towards others. Show your spiritual side and always thank God for every day you live, always be grateful to live another day and have another chance to enjoy life, help others, and share your love. Be daring, be kind, be respectful, be modest and you will be deserving of endless success in any way.