Expect To Be Great


It is important to understand that greatness requires change. Change in your attitude and the way you look at yourself; change in your dily routine and the size of your goals. Learn to handle the fear of the unknown; dramatic development in any aspect of your life requires aaudacity. Be bold and step off of your comfort zone, decide to confront your fears and believe you can handle it; tell yourself that no matter what the result is, you will stay strong and you will keep your will to fight. Assume that you already are the successful person you want to become, think like it, act like it and look like it. Expect to be great, control your emotions and stay centered, develop fortitude and don’t steer away from your goal. After you face fear and dare to do something you have never done before, after changing your mindset and creating a powerful presence, you will see that something else will take the place of fear as it subsides and that something is courage, hope, faith, and resilience. A personality transformation will take place. Recall your successes to reinforce the feelings of confidence and fortitude. Life is too short to live it in fear, boldness will bring excitement to your existence, it will make you feel energized and stronger; it will open your eyes and show you what it is to grow and develop your potential. Free yourself from the chains of fear, insecurity, anger, anxiety, and rejection. Set yourself free; claim your mind, thoughts, feelings, and emotions as exclusively yours, no one has the right or power to decide for you, unless you allow it.