Go After What You Want, Not What You Think Is Possible

Throughout our lives, our mind has been influenced and brainwashed by media, society and the people that surrounds us. As we grow up, what we usually see is people that live an average life under the control of an average or even mediocre mind. The standard mindset of most of the people we hang out with, is ordinary, within the limits of the regular level of development of most individuals. Unless we are lucky to cross paths with extraordinary minds, with people whose standard of living and development is not limited to just go with the flow of life, very probably, we will end up living in the world of sameness that most people live in. The mediocre mind is a master in just putting enough effort to live in the comfort zone, just making enough to pay the bills, just studying enough to pass the tests, just training enough to stay in the team, just pushing yourself enough to make end meet. When setting goals, don’t fall short, don’t sell yourself cheap. You might want to go for something that seems unrealistic and illogical, and that is exactly what you want to do. Michael Jordan, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey didn’t set up realistic goals on themselves when they were thinking about their dreams.

Be unrealistic and illogical setting your goals, and prepare yourself in the same way. It is time to break the umbilical cord that has kept you chained to the average mindset. It is time to set yourself free from the limited, negative, and undeveloped mentality of the average man. Beyond your fears of being true to yourself and expressing your real desires and goals, lies the success of being authentic, the realization that no one else but you, have been preventing yourself all this time from becoming the most powerful expression of yourself. Don’t fear the freedom of being ‘different’ in the eyes of others, every successful individual in the history of mankind has been different, unique, labeled as crazy, or attacked by others. Don’t wonder if your goals are possible, in the end, what will really matter is your effort and self-belief, not the size of the goal.