Hard Work Makes Success Predictable

Hard work is the only tool guaranteed to provide confidence, courage, belief, determination, and focus. Nothing else is as certain to bring positive results as hard work; it overpowers negativism, complaining, judging, gossiping, hesitation, and fear. It doesn’t matter how much talent your opponent has, what kind of skills he has develop, and the size of his belief or courage, hard work will beat them all. The one person that grinds it day in and day out, will eventually develop, without a doubt, the whole package. He will probably develop some skills faster than others, but persistent quality training will eventually produce the bundle of skills to meet the different stages of internal and external struggle during competition or pressure. Hard work will shape you to a point where you won’t recognize yourself anymore; obstacles, doubters, mistakes and limits will not affect you anymore. There is nothing that will develop deep-rooted, self-worth and self-control as exposing yourself consistently, in a disciplined way, and with quality training, to the things you fear the most.