Intensity And Patience
Very few players make a habit of stepping onto the court with the will to practice at its highest intensity. Therefore, most players, though practicing hard every day, never reach their full potential and never get to see the full display of their best tennis. Make every effort to get used to go  the extra mile in every workout session. Every hour, day, week, month, and year counts when trying to build a new habit. It is very important to stay on the target of pushing your limits each time you set foot on the court, field, work, or gym. Do not work out just to get the routine done and finish the training program, visualize the end results and the difference these will make in your life, use that picture of a better you as motivation to pursue your goal every day. Intensity is one of the most important factors that make the difference between average and supreme competitors.
One hour of training for a world-class performer could be 4 or 5 hours of training for an average level performer. The focus, desire, determination, commitment, and concentration of an individual pursuing a higher goal with a superior will to work, can bring not only better but faster results. The maximum use of your time can demonstrate to be an essential part of your success, but it requires your complete concentration and focus to stay on course . It is extremely important to train your mind not to wander or get distracted. Visualize how you want to see yourself performing during training and during competition , it  will help you create the desire and the motivation to push yourself every day. Your mind needs a clear and precise image of yourself performing at your highest level, tell your brain ‘this is how I do this, this is how it happens, this is who I am…’, and play the movie in your mind so it has a vibrant representation of how you want things to happen. It is extremely important to repeat this process over and over for several weeks until it becomes natural and easier to replay it. Commit to use the time for training as a time to push your body and mind beyond what you consider your 100%.
When you think that you have nothing left in you to keep going, when it seems like you have done everything you could and there is no energy left in you, the opportunity to push a little further presents , which is your ‘breakthrough’. The Breakthrough is nothing else but going the extra mile, doing more than you usually can, that extra effort you do when pursuing a goal. The breakthrough has to be done over and over in order to work and bring good results. High-intensity training will not work if only done every now and then, that is the standard of the amateur or average player; they will do it every other day or just when they feel like doing it, not in  a consistent basis. Ordinary competitors practice to be regular or mediocre contenders, world-class competitors train to challenge any opponent in the worldwide arena, not only at state  or national tournaments.
Do not expect immediate results, but expect a change on  your mentality and you will soon start noticing important changes in your body and mindset as well. Be patient, the results will come, but you have to learn to be ok with nothing happening. It is not really that nothing is happening; it is just the natural process of going through a transformation that, eventually, will show the desired results. We are creating it and it is in the formation process, but patience is very important, this is the time when most people give up their dreams due to not seeing immediate results or instant gratification. In order to enjoy success in life, we have to learn to be patient and let things happen without trying to force them to happen. Everything you work hard for, it  will come to materialize, but at its own time, the key is not to give up or give in. Successful people know that  the key to success is not how many times you win, but how many times you get beaten and get up to keep going. Perseverance is what makes the difference.