Successful people rise from failure over and over again; they usually have more setbacks than people that are unsuccessful, the difference is the perseverance, winners don’t give up. You must build character before you become successful; character is what will bring accomplishments, which eventually turn into success. You can succeed on something and create confidence in you, but months or years down the road, regardless of how successful you are, time will come when you will face a situation that will outgrow your confidence. If you don’t have the will, determination, discipline and faith, your efforts to reach your goals will be futile.

Do not let it be the end result what matters, but the significance of it, the journey, the struggle, the everyday grinding, all these help you build character; when you build character, you can rely on yourself. Success is a byproduct of character; it is a consequence of commitment and discipline. Without character, success doesn’t exist. Never let the development of your self-esteem or self-belief depend from your successes; self-esteem and self-belief exist before success, without these, success would never exist. If you establish your character according to your achievements, you will collapse when things go wrong, you will doubt yourself. Commitment, action, discipline and perseverance must exist before success; accomplishing a goal starts with the desire to do it, you must then make a deal with yourself to go after your dream no matter what (perseverance) and stick to your goal (commitment) regardless of the pain and struggle it might take to achieve it. Your attitude must develop regardless of your achievements; failing is one of the most important parts of the process of forming a strong character, without it, there is no preparation for the tough times ahead.