What we weren't taught as kids:

life isn't fair

Be ready for a rough ride in life, it won’t be easy, but each and every one of us has the strength to overcome the obstacles. But that strength doesn’t just show up, you must go and build it exposing yourself to the things that you fear over and over again. We are not taught at an early age that life is unfair and rough. Life is brutally fair when it comes to give you back what you have earned, little or much. There will be times when the wind blows your way, but you must assume that the default settings of life is to test you making things difficult for you.

Don’t try to customize life, don’t try to control it. Instead, you must learn to respond and adjust to it. Don’t fight it, learn to deal with it, build strength to meet whatever comes your way, because you will need it. Build tenacity to stay on course, because the struggle will be time-consuming. In order to succeed you must let go of fear and ego. Fear will stop you from moving forward, your ego will bring insecurity and mediocre responses to setbacks. Fear is the root of insecurity; insecurity is the root of a thousand negative emotions that will make you live so cautiously, that you might as well not have lived at all. Fear and insecurity are the devourers of courage, faith, willpower, and persistence; they will control your spirit if you allow it.

There will be times when you feel like life is keeping you from achieving something, most of those times it is life redirecting you, letting you know that there is something you have to do differently to achieve what you pursue. Don’t live life expecting it to provide what you want, don’t assume that doing the average hard work is enough and things will just happen because you deserve it. Neither the universe nor any god will materialize your dreams because it is only fair that you have it after your big efforts. It is you who has to make it happen, only you can materialize your dreams and goals. When life doesn't provide, it doesn’t mean it’s rejecting you, it is just redirecting you.

Pursue your dreams with extraordinary hard work and the relentless determination that it will happen because of you, don’t depend on anything or anyone else to achieve what you desire. Life offers no guarantee of success regardless of the amount of effort you put on your pursuit of goals, but if you pay attention to its signs, it will show you where you need to improve. Fighting for what you want is what should fulfill your life; the struggle and the battle of the process is what shapes you and forms you as a human, and that should be enough reason to get up every time you fail.

If you expect fairness, if you want success guaranteed for your effort, you will be missing the main point of going through struggles, your formation. It is you who decide what you will do of your life, not the circumstances. If you don’t learn to love the battle, you will be living your life in the average standard, doing just enough and expecting extraordinary results. Adversity and resistance are the shapers of champions. Unless you are in the eye of the storm, you have no chance to make it big. Instead of just watching life pass by and giving up your dreams, you have decided to make your stand. Don’t let fear and insecurity ruin your chances of developing into your highest expression of yourself.