The Dark Path To Your Higher Self

The challenge to improve yourself is extremely difficult; it is an ever-lasting process that never stops testing you. Becoming the highest expression of yourself is a trial by fire that will test how centered, committed, and perseverant you are. But most important, it will test your courage, it will challenge you to prove that you are capable of getting up after every setback, regardless of the number of times you have fallen. Reaching your potential in any filed requires growth in your thinking, feeling, and conducting yourself. There is no ‘normal’ or ‘average’ for those who wish to turn their lives around in an extreme way. If you have adopted the average mindset and words as comfort, fear, difficult, impossible, satisfied, normal, etc. are a consistent part of your vocabulary, then you have become a part of the herd.

Becoming the ultimate self, the supreme form of your persona, requires consistent, quality focused work. It will involve challenging yourself, changing habits; moving, talking, and thinking differently. Getting good at something requires hard work, but if you want severe changes in your way of life, it requires dramatic changes, unreasonable mindset shift, and unparalleled action. Becoming the best version of yourself is like going against your current self in every step you take, because there will be mediocre minds that will try to keep you as part of the herd. You will be judged, ridiculed, and mocked.

There will be those that will question your talents, skills and desire; even people very close to you will ask you ‘since when are you qualified to aim so high, what makes you think that you can turn yourself into a world class performer’. Unfortunately, self-development is a magnet to destructive criticism, it is an inconvenient for many people around you because that emphasizes that you are working to change your life, while they have settled for little. The mediocre mind wishes for things to stay the same; it doesn’t understand why others are not willing to settle, and if it doesn’t understand something, it will be in conflict with it. The herd doesn’t wish to become strong to endure life, it wishes life will be easy to go along with it, it loves sameness and familiarity.

If you want to become the most powerful and endearing version of yourself, you must know and accept that ‘challenging’ is the default mode of life to those who live the highest expression of themselves, but they have come to understand that overcoming challenges is the development of strength and character, struggle is the spark, the catalyst of growth. Successful people develop satisfaction facing obstacles, they have learned to love the battle.