The Inner Peace Thief

Worry disturbs our inner peace, our daily life. It is incessant, we never stop being afraid of what might go wrong, though it is a self-torment. Worry focuses on problems that may never arrive, it is based on assumptions and negative perceptions, in remnants of the past. Concern is what prepares you for life challenges; concern is being ready and it is circumstance driven, not insecurity driven as worry. Worry makes you feel powerless, almost like there’s nothing you can do; it can become permanent and it steals your inner peace if you allow it.

Ask yourself ‘do these words, thoughts, or actions, help me or hurt me.’ Don’t invent things to be worried about, be more reactive than proactive imagining negative events unfolding in your future when you have no idea if these will happen or not. Being worried will not prepare you, it will just make you respond in a negative way, it will stress you out. . Flow with life and what it brings to you, don’t try to control it. Live in the moment and, if any action needs to be taken in order to take care of business, then do it, but don’t live in fear of the non-existent problems you invent in your mind. Worry is opportunistic, if you give it a chance to enter in your mind, it will. If you give it an opening, it will take you for a ride. Remember, your mind can only focus in one thing at a time, make sure you focus in the right thing.