Obstacles are perceived by most of us as inconvenients. We've grown with the idea that when we face struggle, we're in trouble. We automatically link struggles with pain, fear, and self-doubt, never being aware that the feelings that we are experiencing is the mind framework that society has embedded in us. The fear and the self-doubt is the result of years of brainwashing, it is the consequence of accepting what mediocre minds tell us, and because it is 'not the right thing to do' according to the sheep, we don't question the beliefs that they are passing to us. We don't dare to think that we can be different, that we might be able to actually excel and reach the secret goals we keep to ourselves. And because we allow social conditioning to have complete regulation and control of our mind, we never come to understand the real meaning of struggle, what it means to face obstacles beyond the mediocre perception, that it is just suffering and inconvenience.

With external perception being imposed on us at a very early age, we fail to see that obstacles are a part of nature. We find it everywhere, in the growing of a plant that struggles pushing against rocks in the soil, or baby sharks still in the mothers' womb that face being eaten alive by their baby brothers, struggle is part of life and nature. Dogs that lose one leg don't take years to recover or therapy to move on. The moment dogs are out of the operation room, they start working right away on how to adjust to their new life short of a limb, it usually doesn't take long until you see them runnning around playing wih other dogs that don't care about the dog missing one or two legs, they don't feel sad, or pity for it. There might be exceptions of animals that have something happen to them that had a big impact on its character, like a dog that was never the same after its owner passed away. But for the most part, humans are the only animal that dwells in the past, we allow others to write our story.

We must come to understand that struggle is just nature's way to test us beyond our established, and accepted limitations. And we need it in order to grow and figure out that we have much more potential in us than we've been told, more than we believe we have. When we think about our potential, we only see what others have told us, not many people dare to think that behind the labels we have been given, there might be more, much more. When we face struggle, nature is saying to you “Here it goes, solve this, and I'm not talking to you(old-determination), or to you(old-self-image), or you(old-commitment), or you(old-willpower), or you(old-emotional balance). It is saying “I'm talking to you the self-worth hidden behind those limiting words, I'm talking to you the super determination hidden behind the fear of trying, and I'm talking to you the boldness hidden behind society's labels and predictions you believed”.

Struggle talks to what is behind your current beliefs, perceptions, thoughts, and fears. It doesn't care what it sees in the surface, it knows that you are more than what you show in your landscape. Struggle knows that under the rocks and the soil of your mind, heart and spirit's landscape lies much more strength, potential, fortitude and courage. When you close your eyes and you listen to the words that you think describe you, and you see the images you believe represent you, you are not seeing the real scenery inside of you, that is NOT your real character. What you are seeing is an altered, controlled, manipulated, elaborated and enforced location on display. Created, preserved, cultivated, protected, and managed by others.

Only you have access to the site located in the core of your being. The core is far from others' reach, it is unafected by others labels and predictions, but not everyone finds it because it requires courage just to look for it, it requires going against society's control and the boldness to say “This is my life and I have complete dominance and jurisdiction of it”. That is the meaning of everything that you perceive as a threat or inconvenience, it is not really something that is out there just to make you suffer, it is pushing you, screaming at you to open your eyes and say “I dare to transcend beyond the words of those that intent to keep my potential limited, undiscovered and hidden”.

The Meaning of Adversity