The Will to Rise: Fighting the Herd Mindset

Pushing through inconvenience, discomfort, and disappointment is what strengthens the will. We must assume that the default mode of the pursuit of success is coming across setbacks in a consistent basis. Success as a destination will take you through pain, doubt, and isolation. The path to become a better performer is filled with sacrifices and enemies; a pack starts the journey to success, but it doesn’t take long until that pack is reduced to just a few real contenders. Why? because you will be challenged by procrastination, self-doubt, people trying to change your mind, society and media bias, etc. and most people give up to these obstacles. 

The path to success is filled with non-action takers, non-willpower pushers, non-mindset changers, and non-centered minds. It doesn’t take long until the average mind cracks under pressure. That is when will power and determination make the difference, making the most difficult of all challenges possible: crash, burn, rise (CBR). The most difficult task is to fail over and over, and get up every time, even though there is no guarantee that going through the pain and misery will bring victory at the end. To keep the faith and belief that things will go your way when everything in you says that there is no chance to win, is the heart of the champion.

When courage and will power have been shaken to the core, but you still find a reason to believe and keep fighting, is the defining moment that sets you apart from the crowd. It is not the result that shapes the champion, it is the process he has to go through, fighting to believe in something that has never happened to him, fighting to rely on his will power and determination to materialize a dream that might never happen. It is not being the best that defines the exceptionality of the champion, it is the size of his will power and determination, the satisfaction he gets from the grinding, battling, and enjoying challenging himself. The supreme performer finds pleasure in the battle, in struggling and being challenged, in pushing his limits every day, in testing his discipline and will power every step of the way. Whether he wins or loses is consistently a consequence of his effort, but not the utmost, paramount goal; keeping the belief under insanely difficult circumstances, relentlessly pushing to keep up his level of performance up until the end, and developing himself into a better performer every time he steps on the arena is.

To the supreme performer, the result is just a byproduct of the effort, a consequence of his deep work and focus. He knows that winning is not the supreme goal, it is to focus on establishing a solid foundation to his character; his objective is to become the highest expression of himself and to develop supreme willpower, belief, and determination. These are the groundwork of success, of winning; if you achieve that, the positive results will inevitably happen.

The ultimate performer sees the completion of the house in his mind before he starts to work on it, then he goes brick by brick until soon before he notices, he has completed it. He focuses on the process knowing that if he puts the deepest focus on every brick he lays, the absolute quality of the end result is unquestionable and certain. Far from being what will resolve if he is happy with his performance, the result is a side effect of his tenacity and determination, it is just the confirmation that he is capable of sustaining intense pressure and keeping his self-control under extremely difficult circumstances. The achievement of his goal is to become the best version of himself, a goal wanted and chased by many, achieved by just a few due to the magnitude of the task and everything it involves: the skill to take radical action, transcending your threshold of pain, and keeping emotional balance.