Your Life is Yours, Not Theirs

Stop the mind reading. You have to stop paying too much attention to what others think of you. Many times people don't care what you do, and 100% of the times it will not affect you at all unless you let it. You cannot build your future and choose who you want to be if you worry about what people say. When you care about society's opinion, you care about something that doesn’t even exist, if you don't pay attention to it, nothing will happen, it will not affect you at all. We all have people that don’t like us, but it doesn’t affect us at all because we don’t know it. Whether you know it or not, if you don’t pay attention to it, I will not affect you at all.

Do things for yourself, not others. It means exactly what it says, do the things you want to do, don't do things to make others happy, don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by others. Do not let others' evaluation of your actions and choices dominate your decisions. Don’t look for validation or approval of anyone else but you.

Develop self-love and self-respect. If you really want to be able to ignore what others think of you, you must develop a strong sense of confidence and self-respect. You must be sure that the decisions that you make are only yours, appropriate and right according to your judgment. You must feel that these decisions reflect, without any external influence, your true feelings and desires.

​Integrity and values. Be respectful, tolerant, responsible, and humble when making decisions, but keep a strong authority posture and a powerful self-image, and people will respect you and support you. Be tolerant of others, not everybody has the same set of beliefs, traditions, and customs, so don't expect all people to think and behave the same way. As well as it is reciprocal, we are all equal and we all deserve to be treated in a courteous and respectful way. Be responsible with your decisions and remember, words can cause a lot more damage than actions. When you have something to say, be sure that it is reliable information, and offer it politely.